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About Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a waterless process that removes stains and replenishes fibers to like-new condition. The foundation for stain removal is pre-spotting. Pre-spotting involves analysis and application, and then determining what properties make up the stain for the procedure that would best remove that stain. Garments are often ornamented with beads, lace, and rhinestones, and protecting those ornaments is part of effective pre-spotting. These techniques require years of experience, and at Triuno's we have more than 30 years of combined experience.



Please Select one of our services:

Dry cleaning:

Uses non-water-based solvents to remove soil and stains from clothes. Here at Triuno we are also committed to the environment. We use Hydrocarbon — this is most like standard dry cleaning heralded as the new 'safety solvents that is safe for you and for the environment. These petroleum-based solvents are nontoxic requires longer cleaning cycle. While flammable, these solvents do not present a high risk of fire or explosion when used properly. Hydrocarbon also cleans the most effective and surpasses the fairly low cleaning ability of Liquid CO2 or the Perchloroethylene known for leaving a characteristic chemical smell on garments. Don’t place a risk for your health as Percs known for its carcinogenic.

Wedding Gown & Preservation

Our specialty. Unlike many cleaners who send out gowns to a third party, Meurice Garment Care has an in-house team of wedding gown specialists with decades of combined experience. We go the extra mile to ensure no detail of your gown is overlooked. We specialize in wedding gown preservation we have a unique, museum-quality, step process to hand clean, press and package your gown, ensuring it remains just as beautiful as the day you wore it for generations to come, you can trust Triuno.

Shirt Services

We press the shirts with three specialized machines, producing a crisp, professional appearance from start to flawless finish. The process is designed to get your shirts their brightest and keep you looking good. We also offer an exclusive button guarantee, where we replace a broken button or sew a missing one.

Suede, Leather and Fur cleaning and alterations

Our suede, leather, and fur specialists clean your most precious and valuable items with great care and attention to detail. We also offer alterations and repairs on these items.


Triuno can perform all types of alterations and repairs on all types of garments.

Uniform cleaning

Your image is our image. We clean security uniforms, army, Doormen uniforms, Lab coats, Chef Jackets, Any other uniform. Your clients know they can count on you for outstanding service. You can expect the same responsiveness and attention to detail from Triuno’s.

Hotel & Restaurante

We can safely, gently, and completely clean guests clothing, uniforms, towels and linens, with precise pressing and folding.


We offer cleaning of many household items such as quilts and comforters, bedspreads, blankets, duvet covers, sleeping bags, pillow cases, bed skirts as well as tablecloths laundered with starch and hard pressed to perfection. Our experts will determine the best cleaning process and return your items in pristine condition.

Shoe, handbag & Luggage repairs

we offer a wide range of cleaning and repair to these goods.


Add Texture to Your Garments. Pressing is a vital part of returning your garment to a "good as new" texture. We excel in determining how much steam is required for different fabrics, how to hang it to hold the pressing for prolonged periods, and double-checking for any present stains.

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